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  1. Quickstart
  2. Installation


    It only takes a few minutes to setup a project with Chalk's command line tool. This guide will walk you through how to start a project from a template.

    1. Install Chalk

      Install the Chalk command line tool. The Chalk CLI allows you to create, update, and manage your feature pipelines directly from your terminal.

      curl -s -L | sh
    2. Login or sign up

      Login or signup with Chalk directly from the command line. The chalk login command will open your browser and create an API token for your local development.

      chalk login
    3. Deploy your features

      Deploy your feature pipeline to production. After you've written some features and resolvers, use the chalk apply command to deploy your feature pipelines.

      chalk apply
    4. Query your features

      Query your features directly from the command line with chalk query to see that they're live and available.

      chalk query --in \    --out user.fraud_score \    --out user.plaid.name_match_score