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Chalk is capable of using standard SSO providers like Google and GitHub for SSO authentication. For companies that use Okta, additional configuration is required.

Supported Features

  • IDP-initiated Single Sign-On (OpenID Connect), initiated via Okta
  • SP-initiated Single Sign-On (OpenID Connect), initiated from Chalk


  • Configure a custom OIDC app in Okta’s dashboard
  • Send configuration parameters to Chalk support

Configuration Steps

Currently, Chalk requires a custom OIDC app integration to work with Okta for SSO.

  1. Navigate to your admin dashboard (https://<your-domain>
  2. Choose “Create App Integration” App Integration Configuration
    • Choose “OIDC - OpenID Connect” for “Sign-in Method”
    • Choose “Web Application” for “Application type”
  3. Configure the Web App Integration
    • App integration name: Chalk
    • Logo: Chalk logo is available here
    • Grant type: Ensure that Authorization Code is checked
    • Sign-in redirect URIs:
    • Sign-out redirect URIs
  4. After clicking “save”, copy the “Client ID” and a “Client Secret” from the Client Credentials section on the application configuration page
  5. Submit the “Client ID” and “Client Secret” to Chalk Support, along with your Okta domain (your “issuer”)