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Chalk implements SCIM in order to allow external identity providers (IDPs) to automatically provision and deprovision users as they are added and removed from the external identity provider.

Supported Features

  • IDP-initiated user provisioning
  • IDP-initiated user deprovisioning
  • IDP-managed group assignment


  1. Configure Chalk to use Okta SAML for authentication

  2. Configure the Okta Chalk SAML app to use SCIM for provisioning.

Configure Okta SCIM

  1. Generate an SCIM authentication token in your Chalk settings dashboard. This token is extremely sensitive and care should be taken to ensure that it is not leaked. You’ll use this token to configure Okta’s SCIM authentication.
  2. Navigate to your Okta admin dashboard.
  3. Edit your Chalk SAML app.
  4. Configure SCIM using:
    • SCIM Connector base URL:
    • Unique identifier field for users: email
    • Supported provisioning actions:
      • Push New Users
      • Push Profile Updates
      • Push Groups
    • Authentication Mode: “HTTP Header”, and set the Bearer header to the SCIM token you generated in your Chalk dashboard.
  5. Contact Chalk Support to enable SCIM on your account, and set up the initial Okta Group to Chalk Role mapping.

App Integration Configuration