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  2. Okta SAML SSO

Chalk is capable of using standard SSO providers like Google and GitHub for SSO authentication. For companies that use Okta, additional configuration is required.

Supported Features

  • IDP-initiated Single Sign-On, initiated via Okta
  • SP-initiated Single Sign-On, initiated from Chalk
  • Push group and user provisioning via SCIM, initiated from Okta


  • Configure a custom SAML app in Okta’s dashboard
  • Send configuration parameters to Chalk support

Configure Okta

  1. Navigate to your Okta admin dashboard
  2. Choose “Create App Integration”
    • Choose “SAML 2.0” for “Sign-in Method”
    • Choose “Web Application” for “Application type”
  3. General Settings
    • Name this application (“Chalk”, for example)
    • Upload the Chalk logo (download here).
  4. Configure SAML
    • Single sign on URL:
    • Make sure that “Use this for the Recipient URL and Destination URL” is checked
    • Audience URI:
    • Default RelayState: Leave blank
    • Name ID Format: Unspecified
    • Application username: Email
    • Update application username: Create and update
    • Show advanced settings
    • Change “Assertion Encryption” to Encrypted
    • Upload Chalk’s SAML certificate (download here)
    • Attribute Statements
      • given_name
        • Name format: unspecified
        • Value: user.firstName
      • last_name
        • Name format: unspecified
        • Value: user.lastName
  5. Feedback
    • Check “I’m an Okta customer adding an internal app”
  6. On the resulting page, click “View SAML Setup Instructions”. You’ll be presented with text boxes showing:
    • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL
    • Identity Provider Issuer
    • X.509 Certificate
  7. Send all three values to Chalk support