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Chalk’s online dashboard provides a simple way to view metrics about performance of your queries resolvers. By default, the resolver and query detail pages show request count and latency for each 30 minute interval over the last 2 days, but you may wish to customize this to make it more useful.

Resolver Details

In addition to the default charts, the resolver details page tells you the input and output features of the resolver, plus the implementation code of the resolver.

Metric Dashboard

Query Details

The query details page shows you much of the same information as the resolver details page, including the input and output features. You can also see which resolvers executed on the right hand sidebar.

Query Dashboard

Customize Your Metrics Dashboard

Customize your monitoring view with additional charts, combine metrics into complex formulas, and configure alerting thresholds. Clicking “Add Metric” brings up the metric editor which you can use to add a new chart to your page. Edit or remove a chart using the ellipsis menu.

Create a metric

Add Series

By default, when you click add metric the editor is pre-populated with a new series called Request Count. Use the drop down fields to change the metric kind, window, grouping function, and conditions. Add additional series to the chart by clicking “Add Series” below.

Add Formula

Aggregate multiple series together into one chart using a formula. Chalk supports aggregating by sum, total ratio, ratio, product, and abs

Add Alert Trigger

Alerts can be triggered on any series or formula. Select the series, the threshold logic, and the severity. Decide who will get this alert with the alert owner dropdown. You can select from the owner configured on the Alert Configuration page, or free type to create a new owner.