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Features may specify a default caching strategy through the maximum staleness parameter (see Feature Caching for a more in-depth discussion).

However, a request may have freshness requirements that differ from the default caching period specified at the feature level.

You can specify maximum staleness requirements for any set of features, even features you do not wish to return. This facility may be useful if a feature value is used as an intermediate result for an explicitly requested feature.


Consider the following feature definition:

class User:
    fico_score: int = feature(max_staleness="30d")

For most models, it may be acceptable to use a thirty-day old version of the FICO score. However, if you were running a model for issuing a new line of credit, you may require a more updated version of the feature.

By default, our models will receive a FICO score computed in the last 30 days, but we can override this behavior at the time of requesting features for the credit model:

> chalk query \
      --staleness user.fico_score=10m \
      --in \
      --out user.fico_score

Cache busting

Cache busting is a special case of overriding the maximum staleness at the time of making a query. To bypass the cache, simply provide "0s" as the max-staleness.